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An important marketing decision that any brand has to face today is to promote itself through digital media, but we know that it is sometimes challenging to figure out the best way to do it. When developing a successful communication strategy in this medium, you should never leave out the use of social networks, so it is normal that you wonder whether it is necessary to promote my brand in all social networks? and what's the most important thing? quality or quantity?. To find out the answers to these questions, take into account the types of social networks that exist, in order to select the most suitable ones for your business.

Are all social networks necessary?

Both for companies with years of experience and for those who have little time making advertising efforts, it is of vital importance today to have a presence in social networks, but first you have to know that the right thing is to maintain harmony between the quality of the publications you make and the number of networks through which you you promote.

It is not necessary to use all the social networks that exist and this is easy to understand, because the message you want to transmit is unique and in the same way networks have particular functions, so knowing these functions will help you develop the communication strategy that best suits your promotional needs. - Yeah.

It is not necessary to examine in detail all social networks. Main features of some:


It is the network with the largest number of members worldwide, so it is very appropriate for companies to have a presence in it. It has its own effective advertising platform called “Ads”, through which you can display ads with little investment and reach a large number of people. If your goals are the masses, maybe you could use considering Facebook for your business.


Although due to its informative nature, it is not the most relevant network in terms of promotion, it will allow you to reach a very important segment of people and also has “Ads”. Through twitter you will be able to create simple messages showing the qualities of your company's products. If you want to have an informed audience, in a few words, start thinking about Twitter to make you known.


Every day the number of members of this social network grows more worldwide, which due to its visual, interactive and fun features suits any promotional strategy, as audiences are increasingly attracted to this type of content. Impact your audience with visual content and keep your Instagram presence.


It's a very popular network because who hasn't had to watch a video on this platform ever? , through Youtube your product or brand will have a high exposure. To reach a large audience through audiovisual products, this social network is the right one.

Google Plus:

It is an excellent network to maintain an interactive community that generates traffic. It is ideal for your audience to know you and familiarize themselves with your business. If you're interested in seeing recommendations from you in the search engine, it's important that you have Google +.


Although many consider that this social network is not necessarily the right one to promote you, they are wrong, every day hundreds of companies have joined this community as a way to generate more followers and knowledge of the brand. Its main advantage is the high visual and graphic content that you can present in the publications you make. If your goal is to exalt your account images, don't overlook what Pinterest has to offer.

These are just some of the most popular social networks, among the tens, that exist around the world and each, by its nature of operation and use, fulfill its own goals.

Not all social networks adapt to the goals of your message

Some companies bet on alternative means to the digital world, so they have left aside the creation of accounts in social networks, so they do not take advantage of the opportunities offered by this medium when it comes to promoting their products and services. Get ready and enjoy the benefits of the digital world.

Whatever your market be promoted on social networks and you will get a lot of benefits, because you will make a low investment of resources and save time, because the process of creating accounts is very easy and fast.

In the same way, with social networks, you will have the ability to send messages immediately, reach very large audiences of people, with just one post and you will be able to establish a direct and daily communication with your followers.

Remember, in order to achieve an excellent communication strategy through the different types of social networks, you need to take into account the characteristics of the same and check whether or not they adapt to your promotional needs.

Your brand is unique and the more differentiated it is, the better chances you will have for you to stand above your competitors, the content you use to transmit through networks must be full of what makes you different from others.

As we have told you the variety reigns in social networks and insurance taking into account the recommendations we have given you in this article you can have successful campaigns and great recognition. Do not allow your investment to be lost by not choosing the right one.

Finally, do not forget that the most important thing is not that you use all the social networks that exist, but that you concentrate your time, energies and resources on those that truly fulfill the goals of your message. If you need advice or more information, our team is at your disposal to support you, through well-planned strategies, to successfully reach the target audience.

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