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Google renews your page to sign in to Gmail. The Internet search giant promises to improve the experience of each of its users by signing in to Gmail by renewing its design. The operation of Google's new sign-in page remains highly practical and functional, however the slight change was made in the design area. This modification was made with the aim of offering the user the opportunity to log in to Gmail in a simpler and clearer way, in order to offer a better browsing experience to people who use this service, it is also expected with this modification to speed up the process of Gmail login and on the subject of companies, this will mean a digital marketing tool that will position your brand on the market. Change when you sign in to Gmail For no one is a secret the importance that Google gives to websites adapted to mobile, placing them better in the ranking of your search engine, and it turns out to be a 100% effective online marketing tool. Now with this change the company complies with its own exhortations, since this modification at login will also work on both desktops and smart devices. Despite the changes there are still similarities in the process to sign in to Gmail, such as that you must include the same information to open your email (gmail and key) and that when you sign in to Gmail you will be able to access all Google services quickly and simultaneously. Finally you may not be able to see the change of the login page in Gmail yet, the reasons for this may be that you have disabled Javascript or the browser you are using is of an old version, so we recommend that if you want to enjoy this modification use the latest version of your browser and verify that you have Javascript enabled. It is important to note that when you sign in to gmail with Google you also have an ideal corporate email service to maintain constant and effective communication with your work team, as well as streamline your work with its large number of tools. At Bgcreativos we are experts in audiovisual productions and television products, if you want more information about this topic do not hesitate to visit us.

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