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Videos in 360 take over Maracaibo and the rest of the world. Better than traditional videos, it's the videos in 360, and that's because they show you all the angles of a space with image and sound. This virtual reality is insurmountable, it could only be compared to being present on site, and for this reason, many brands are using them in their content strategies, to give their customers a more complete and real experience. Benefits of 360 videos Although it is difficult to overcome the benefit of the real and complete experience that you can give your customers with 360 videos, which are the ones that will ultimately generate the income you want; 360 degree videos and photography have other benefits, especially in the digital world, and we will review One by one: 1.- Positioning on Google with 360 videos 360 degree photos and videos are a trend this year; they are fashionable and everyone loves to see them, and despite the fact that it is not a 100% new technology, Google rewards with positioning the brands that use it on their social networks, websites or any web platform. What was the result of this? Photographs and videos in 360 degrees taking over the internet. 2.- Higher customer conversion In a study conducted by the information giant, Google, it was shown that the views of a video in 360 degrees are inferior to that of a traditional audiovisual, however, clicks, interactions, subscriptions and visits to web platforms exceed by far when content is 360 degrees. Specifically, customer conversion or acquisition was measured at 46% higher than traditional video. Why is this happening? Because of the user experience, which with a video in 360 is much more complete and therefore generates more interactions of the public. In addition, psychologists explain that we prefer 360 degree videos because they give us the possibility to choose and control the narration, the area we will see, just as our mind works in reality, and this touch makes us connect much better with the videos in 360. 3. Accessible virtual reality Some time ago came to market VR technology or virtual reality, which was only accessible to people who bought glasses or special lenses, but this did not stay forever like this. Knowledge, information and technology is to be shared; and we could say in this sense that 360 videos are a shared and easily accessible version of this technology that was previously reserved for a certain group of people. Anyone who has internet or social networks, can enjoy from their phone, tablet or computer, a wonderful photo or a video in 360 degrees. Wonderful, isn't it? Now comes the $1 million questions: On which platforms can you enjoy videos on 360? And if you have a brand, what are the ideal for 360-degree content sharing? Social networks that support 360 videos Previously we told you that 360 videos and photos were an accessible form of virtual reality, now, as a brand or as an internet user, it is important that you know where you can get this type of content in the information universe that exists today. Social media, as expected, were the first to open up to this trend of photos and videos. However, not all of you can enjoy 100% content on 360. So far those who promote and allow uploading videos in this format are Facebook and Youtube and this is really good news! Since only these two platforms are home to two thirds of the world's population. That is, half of the population of the entire planet is on these two social networks which are by far the most widely used. Also, the blogs joined the 360 wave and that's why you can from today incorporate 360 videos into your tickets or visit some and enjoy 360 degree content. It is rumored that Instagram will soon accept it, but that is yet to be seen. In the meantime you already know which social networks you can post or watch videos on 360. On the other hand, web pages have long been ahead of the game with this technology, and they support both 360-degree photos and videos, and Google likes and will reward you for that. It's time to see and enjoy from above, from below, front, behind, from the left and from the right, a restaurant, a real estate, a tourist area, your business and any place you want. Experience exciting experiences with 360-degree videos or even better make your customers live them, incorporating 360-degree audio-visual web platforms. And if you need help with this, our Bgcreatives team has a team ready to support you with 360-degree audiovisual.

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