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Advantages of 360 videos in the real estate market. [et_pb_section bb_built =” 1”] [et_pb_row] [et_pb_column type =” 4_4”] [et_pb_code _builder_version =” 3.0.98”] [/ et_pb_code] [et_pb_text _builder_version =” 3.0.98” background_layout =” light”] In a real estate environment each increasingly confronted, customer service and innovation take a prominent place. All this is in addition to the trends of digital marketing in 2018, as is the case with 360 videos to accompany the contents of coupling. For just over a year now, the market has decided on the consumption of audiovisual products and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. To the extent that these networks have modified their algorithms to give preference to videos over other formats. In the case of the sale of real estate, taking note of and acting on these projections represents a significant advantage over competition. Imagine for a moment the impact that would have on your potential customers, the possibility to show a property remotely, but with the plus of making a virtual visit with 360 videos. Currently, Youtube and Vimeo are the tip of the iceberg for the publication of 360 videos, which offer the viewer a complete and almost face-to-face view of the images shown. They are part of a total immersion experience, in which the consumer interacts with the product and perceives a feeling of greater transparency from the supplier. According to the digital marketing platform, smartinsights the video was the format that reigned in 2017. It represented 90% of the information that users shared from their mobile devices. It is estimated that by 2020, 80% of all Internet traffic will be visual content. The future of the real estate market is in 360 videos Framed within what has been called the “visual eCommerce” 360 videos represent the future of real estate marketing and, like any trend, those who first get on that train will own greater positioning possibilities and opportunities for conversion or closing of actual sales. The average Real Estate client is located in a high economic profile. He is a person with purchasing power above average and accustomed to enjoying all the gadgets that go on the market or the products that derive from them; such as: Virtual reality lenses, drones, augmented reality devices and of course, videos 360 with professional quality. Neil Patel, one of Forbes's top 10 digital marketing experts, says, “If mobile videos like Instagram stories and Snapchat videos seem powerful to you, they're not as powerful as 360 videos, in which the user chooses to disconnect from what's really happening around them for immerse yourself and interact with a totally different world.” Technology is moving at a fast pace, and successful entrepreneurs know it. Every minute of indecision or resistance to change, it represents what Friedrich von Wieser called in his “Theory of the Social Economy” called “opportunity cost”, that is, money that has stopped being earned by not making the right investments, that in this would be obsolescence or anachronism in the face of the pace of the market. How to make 360 videos for your real estate agency or personal franchise? The first thing you have to do is hire a career audiovisual producer with the right equipment for recording 360 videos. The second is to coordinate, through a pre-production meeting, the best locations for filming, as well as the key messages that should lead the scripts to develop. Then, in line with your digital marketing strategy, choose the best platforms to spread this message. In this case we suggest you take on Youtube, due to its level of market penetration and its integration with the Google ecosystem. Do you work in the real estate market and want to make 360 videos for your personal brand or franchise? contact us and we will be able to provide you with the best and most advanced technical team to help you achieve your goals. [/ et_pb_text] [/ et_pb_column] [/ et_pb_row] [/ et_pb_section]

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