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How to choose a TV producer in Venezuela?. Did it happen to you that there are many TV producers on the market and you don't know what's best for your audiovisual project? Don't worry, it's normal for this to happen. Sooner or later, however, the time has come to select one of them, and for this you must have clear evaluation criteria, which allow you to identify faster than immediately the TV producer that best suits your needs and that achieves an audiovisual product that exceeds your expectations. What a quality television producer must have An audiovisual production of any kind, whether for cinema, television, the web or social networks, must meet certain quality standards that depend entirely on the technical equipment with which a TV producer has, as well as the training of each of the members of the production team. But it turns out that these are not the only factors that are worth in this regard, because any standard producer could meet these basic requirements and surely, you want to stand out from the average. In order for a producer to be considered outstanding, it must have the majority of the following aspects that we take the trouble to collect, so that you become a great critic not only of audiovisual productions, but also of the companies behind them: Video Portfolios on their website and networks Social: it is no secret to anyone that work in the area of social communication and graphic design can be verified almost exclusively through a portfolios in which customers can observe the work already done and corroborate that they meet their demands. In this area it applies very much the phrase of the one who is proud of his work, exhibits it. - Where? It can be via e-mails, social networks, websites, forums, among others. Online platforms are mentioned, as that is where the largest market today is formed. Let it count and show its facilities: although this may seem to be a negligible midpoint, it really is not, because an audiovisual production company that is respectable must have a physical headquarters and beyond that, it should to make it known through all the platforms mentioned above. The reason for this? It gives much more presence and seriousness to the television producer, transmitting that they are not fans operating from a room or garage, but have sufficient solvency to support good audiovisual production. Sharing the technical recording equipment is also important: If you thought we meant sharing your equipment with other television producers, then not, we specifically meant sharing through their web platforms as social networks, part of the technical recording equipment they have, because not only should know the result of the products, but also the process and even the preamble, because the talent of its staff is not enough; it is also necessary high technology in technical recording equipment, that in case you have them Why not show them to your audience and potential customers? Lighting, tripods, cameras, steady cam, drones, audio recorders, microphones, flash and all those equipment are part of this line. Proof of professionalism and training: As mentioned above, a portfolio of the work done can be a sample of the knowledge and training of the staff for carry out quality audiovisual spots, however, there are other alternatives to show consumers that they are up-to-date in terms of knowledge and that they are great experts in the production of television, cinema, and audiovisual productions in general. - How? - Yeah. A good idea would be through a blog with valuable information in the area, with post on their social networks that have a technical touch and in addition to instructing their followers, to demonstrate the training of each of the television producer's workers. Videos in different areas: The market is becoming more competitive, especially because of technological advances and the Internet, and that is why a television producer must necessarily have extensive experience in various fields, namely commercial, political, corporate, propagandistic, health, beauty, etc., demonstrating that they have a broad background of theoretical and practical knowledge sufficient for the customer to feel the complete peace of mind that the production team will know what is recommended and not, for the specific case. Detailed and realistic budget: if there is something that should be very careful when making a video, especially when it is with the help of an audiovisual producer in Venezuela, it is with the production budget, because by a small decision it can seriously compromise the quality of the final product. The costs to be handled must be in line with reality and must also be completely specific and clear in order for no detail to be overlooked. One phrase we commonly use is “clear accounts preserve friendships” and is perfectly applicable to a television producer, who will be responsible for the production of the audiovisual product and which as well as generate profits with its services, must respond consistently according to the production budget that you have drawn up. Having said that, you can now properly judge a TV producer either in the country or anywhere in the world... What is television production? Previously television production was separated from film production, and when the web appeared even the videos in that area were categorized differently, however, the division tends to disappear every time the time elapses, due to the advances of the Internet and technology in general. Today the universal term used for the production of videos, regardless of their destination, is that of audiovisual productions. This unification has even reached institutional microphones and audiovisual advertising, also known as video marketing. Going a little deeper into what is audiovisual production, also called TV production, we can tell you that it is a series of activities that include the prior phase of a video; its planning, filming and recording, known properly with the production name and the post-production and editing phase of visual material and which was captured, resulting in an audiovisual product which, if created by a television producer, must meet the above requirements in order to be considered of quality. Examples of successful television producers Having in-depth knowledge of a subject not only involves theory but also practice, and neglect, this does not mean that you must have worked in a television producer, but rather that you know some of the references of television production that give you an idea of how it should function properly one of them. For this reason, we decided to list five examples of TV producers that have triumphed in their country and in the rest of the world. Sony Pictures Television: In 2002, Sony created its own television producer, which produced its most recent TV series that the public loves so much. It is located in Los Angeles and since its birth has produced series of the quality and size of Rescue Me, Breaking Bad, Damages, Rules of Engagement, among others. Currently develops 13 series for tv, however, this is not all, since since the 1960s it is being produced audiovisually, only with other names and without syndication. This is an example of the measurement that can be made to a television producer by the quality of its audiovisual products. Walt Disney Television: The company of Walt Disney for its theme parks as well as its TV channels and children's movies. However, the organization also has its television producer in which most of the animated and non-animated series are broadcast through its various channels. Formally this TV producer started in 1983 and in 2003 changed its name to Walt Disney Pictures and Television, which is why we told you to merge both cinema and television in the same concept; audiovisual production. Now how do you know that the productions you make are of quality? The answer is simple. Who doesn't love Disney TV shows and movies? Paramount Television: Even the best can make a mistake for which they have to pay a very high price, such as the official closure. This is precisely the situation of the producer Paramount Television, who worked successfully during 1967 until 2006; the year in which they had to stop operations for various reasons, however, it is never too late for success to hit the gates again, and this television producer shows this, because seven years later opened its doors all over again, making productions like Criminal Minds, NCIS, Numb3rs and so many more. CBS Productions: This is perhaps a television producer considered to be one of the most experienced in the United States, since it began its operations in the year 48 and from that time until today it has continued to make productions for film and television that have received multiple awards from the Academy at each of its ceremonies. Over time, it changed its owners and even its name, until last year it merged with the television producer we mentioned earlier, Paramount. However, it is worth rescuing your work, because for years it was impeccable. Hawaii 5-0, 90210, Blue Bloods, CSI in all its versions, and so many other hits that revolutionized the way you watch TV at the time. ABC Studios: This television producer is the flag-bearer of what was formerly called Touchstone Television Productions, which has been in operation since 1985. This company has produced film and television productions worth highlighting, which have been broadcast over the years by different television channels. The strength of this production company is in the variety of its works, since it has been from children's themes for Disney, to drama series, documentaries and reallity shows. The way in which television producers will dominate consumers A television producer runs the huge risk of producing a product that is not successful and that, instead of making a profit, makes a loss; even the best has happened to them, but they have invented a new technology that could not only guarantee the success of their projects, but will also make them unimaginably positioned in the minds of the public. It is a technology that analyzes the reactions of people when watching a film in the cinema or a TV show, to determine which themes, scenes or situations were the ones that most impacted or aroused the greatest emotional burden, that is, which one he liked the most. This would average which ideas or themes are most likely to be placed on the market. Some producers have already used the first tests of these studies, to gestate their ideas and then turn them into audiovisual productions. An example of this technology is a software that was developed by the University of Massachusets, called Affective, that uses face recognition to analyze the emotions that some film causes. In fact, it is able to detect whether the person is entertained by just sensing a gesture that is made, regardless of whether it is imperceptible to the human eye. What is expected is that in a preview, or with a trailer, you can measure the success or failure of the film or the tv or even better, subjecting the public to the idea to decide whether or not to undertake the project, all with the aim of not investing a penny in a project that does not get good results. Which TV producer is taking advantage of the benefits of this technology? Although the idea of predicting the success or failure of an audiovisual production may seem crazy, there is a television producer that is already making the most of a technology and the success of its audiovisual products is proving how effective this is technological progress. It's nothing more and nothing less than Netflix, who have a source of information worth gold, even more accurate than Affective, and we'll show you why. As we know, Netflix is a platform to which 44 million people subscribed to obtain films, television series, documentaries and all kinds of high-quality audiovisual productions, coming from different parts of the world, from different budgets and last but not least, via the Internet. Through this platform, they have access to all the topics that people have preferred to look at, to all the scenes they have repeated, to all those that have been paused, backwards, those that users have not finished seeing, and thus a myriad of data that helps them to improve their marketing strategies, and to invest in those proposals that are almost guaranteed success. Strategy of the House of cards television production team In many cases the promotion given to an audiovisual production will depend on its success, so Netflix in conjunction with the production team of House Of Cards, one of the company's leading shows, used information on the behavior of their subscribers and decided to transmit different trailers of the production, according to the taste of the person. For example, Kevin Spacey's lovers were given a promotional video in which the actor had pre-eminence, as well as those who preferred to watch television series with female protagonism, were provided with a video with women as the main figure, while David Fincher's followers as director saw a trailer in the which gave prominence to their participation in the series. What was the result of this? A successful and award-winning series on more than one occasion. Film Producer vs Television Producer The eternal dilemma between those who separate the production of television formats from cinema is a subject that continues to generate controversy in the media of producers, and indeed there are certain qualities that differentiate one product whose destination is television from another which is large screens. Despite this, the new trend, just as we mentioned, is to incorporate both concepts and make them as close as possible under the figure of audiovisual production. Why is this happening? Because in this eternal battle of two, a third enemy called the Internet has joined. And you're sure to wonder what is the relationship between the internet and audiovisual production? The answer is simple and the studies speak for themselves. The digital world has expanded in such a way that many things you had to do like go to bank, the supermarket, the bakery, to hire a specialist, even to a school, have gradually been integrated in one place and within the reach of a click, that is, providing greater comfort, security and less effort. That place that has gradually taken over our daily activities is precisely the Internet, and as expected, going to the cinema or watching a TV show are also on the list of activities that the Internet has concentrated on its platform. Today, if a company wants to make a spot or a commercial to promote their product it will much prefer to include it on a social network or on a subscription page to watch audiovisual productions. - Why? Why? Precisely because of what we've been talking about. Recent studies have shown that more than 80% of the content found on the network is audiovisual and it is estimated that in 5 years at least 70% of the audiovisual productions made in the world will be destined for the Internet, completely breaking the barriers formerly laid down with cinema and television, because the web is more flexible with the theme of audio-visual formats. What's a movie producer? And what challenges do you face with this? A film producer is the backbone of an audiovisual production, since he is responsible for ensuring that everything during the recording takes place at the time and at the time indicated in the pre-production. He's the one who works hand in hand with the director, actually his voice with the rest of the team. We have not yet declared the winner of the eternal battle between a film producer and a television producer, having the Internet as a means of communication, and at this point we will clarify that this would be film production and the reason is that its formats and their styles are more flexible and moulded to the new parameters imposed by the web. Indeed, film producers have an advantage over television producers, in that their audiovisual language is more likely to last over time. This is how the feature films are perfectly applicable on the internet subscription pages that people access to enjoy the film that attracts their attention. Even more, the short films, considered by the producers as the ideal format for the internet, since it has been given a touch of commercialization and that's how thousands of shorts are used daily to sell a product, to promote a company, an artist, a social network account, for propaganda and even for fiction, giving I also turn to the user's interaction with this type of audiovisual production. Documentaries also have a great deal of space in the web, among others. Also, from a television point of view, the series, miniseries, dramatic and video clips are some of the figures that have been rescued and continue to be valid despite the fact that the web gradually becomes the largest and most extensive media. of history. Functions of the general producer In addition to what we mentioned, a general producer is the one who gets financial financing or, failing that, provides it to make production effective. It even performs media work among all the teams that are part of an audiovisual production. It manages the production budget, serves and coordinates up to the smallest detail of transfer, catering, technical equipment, human equipment and even talent. And these functions are comparable for the realm of a television producer, a film producer as well as for a third type of producers dedicated to audiovisual production for the web. Do you need a producer in Venezuela? We have traveled through a sea of information about what a TV and film producer should have, from requirements to history, examples, experiences and mark the destination where they are going in the future, but we have not yet solved the main problem that we were thinking at the beginning: to choose a television producer in Venezuela. And by virtue of this we present our team of Bgcreatives; a television production company that will make the audiovisual production of your dreams come true, with a quality technical team, a staff ready and willing to take on and overcome any challenges that arise and faithfully committed to audiovisual production mainly because we're passionate about it. We are located in the city of Maracaibo, but for more than 10 years we have made audiovisual productions throughout Venezuela and even abroad. We invite you to visit every corner of our website to verify each of the requirements of a TV producer and make the decision to work with us. We guarantee you the quality of your audiovisual products. What are you waiting for?

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