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Audiovisual productions have a myriad of elements and categories that make it a structured piece or, in a nutshell, perfect. In this we will find the costumes, location, makeup, photography and of course, lighting, our main focus for this new entry.

Lighting forms a fundamental role in the semiotic analysis of a feature film or audiovisual production. Light, as we commonly mention it can be presented in warm or cold tones and itself, describe feelings like happiness and sadness so...

What is lighting?

The RAE defines light as a set of lights in a place to illuminate it. Simply put, lighting is the action of illuminating based on a technique and a set of devices that prepare an atmosphere.

Create different sensations with color temperature combinations.

Lighting is based on different characteristics:


It is related to the object-light shadow, since it can be with a hard or soft intensity, compared to the distance of the subject.


This is determined by the light power of the bulb, thus allowing to create different sensations.


As the name suggests, it is the one that determines where the object will be illuminated, thus creating texture and volume.



shadows and lighting play a fundamental role in creating a good plane,

making it more gloomy or enlightened.

Illuminating is an art and in order to achieve it as an expert, you must know the variations of existing light sources so that a plane is striking.

Light sources for correct lighting in a production

Getting the perfect brightness and contrast is usually a great job at first, but if you know the great potential of your teams, you'll get the most out of them:

Main light:

This is the one in charge of embarking the general illumination of the scene, covering the main shadows.

Filling light:

This light is responsible for softening the main light, that is, it controls the contrast of the scene, becoming a secondary device.

Rear light:

It is often used to create backlights, as it delimits the silhouette and creates a greater contrast of objects.


Finally, the latter is used to separate the object from the background, allowing lighting with the same.

All the steps to create a good lighting or the classic three-point lighting (main, filling and rear), to then be based on a plane of the scene that will allow you to know the characteristics of the objects to be illuminated in the background. For that reason, we continue with a very important point in this issue, the color temperature.

What is color temperature based lighting like?


the first definition to be made in the face of a comparison, since it is necessary

differentiate the color of the light spectrum next to a black body with

certain temperature. What do we mean? As heat as each bulb can

generate to be calculated under the term Kelvin degrees.


one thousand to five thousand degrees Kelvin fall into the category of warm bodies

(Match, tungsten lamps), while, from six thousand to ten thousand, are

classified as cold bodies (cloudy day, blue sky). At the midpoint

(4.000/5 .000K) is natural light or white light, this is the one that

we commonly use.

For an audiovisual production it is necessary to have a variety of devices that will help your product look like you always dreamed. That's why we taught you...

Audiovisual lighting with professional lights

Commonly for productions, lighting with devices is used for different reasons, such as comfort and ease, even for open spaces and daytime, lamps will be of great help to achieve a good final product.

Whether light is flat or with shadows, remember that everything counts in a visual plane.

Tungsten Lamps

It uses a glass extension on its front with tungsten fibers which, when connected to a source of electricity causing heat to the point of filament. It is customary for this device to transmit a hard source of yellow or red color.

HMI Projectors

This type of lamps is one of the rarest and most efficient devices on the market, they are those that are frequently present in the film industry, due to their great energy savings compared to their light performance. These are created with compressed mercury and rare earth halide and are used as a filler for sunlight and for color temperature regulation.

LED lamps

We have seen this object in different places, from stadiums where it can illuminate the entire enclosure, to small places such as discos, being very useful objects for portrait photography. This light is created by small diodes with continuous energy that can be adapted to all light and temperature needs.

Lowel Tota


Perfect for use on umbrellas, gel frames or light diffusion. You're even

can work for backfill, backlight or soft lights as they are usually

Adjustable and versatile reflectors for all kinds of needs.

There are many objects to create a good scene, besides light sources, there are also other accessories such as diffusers, reflectors, sticks and more, that will help your lighting take the expression you want to capture.

Daring to create is one of the first steps to achieve your dreams and remember, this world will always be much better if you have the great team of professionals from BG Creatives that covers all the needs required to fulfill your project.

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