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Digital marketing is always in constant motion, coupled with permanent communication with the consumer, but do we really know a little about this world that is so present in our daily lives? We invite you to learn about the most popular terms of this topic and nourish yourself with information as well as us.

Storytelling, the best way to narrate in digital marketing

Storytelling is a resource that is very commonly used in commercial communication. In short, it is defined as stories or stories, which allow to attract the public through emotions to finally create a connection between the brand and the consumer.

This technique is seen as one of the most classic of marketing, because it managed to transcend from traditional to digital media, thus raising a climax of feelings with the recipients. There are even different types of storytelling:


This, as its name suggests, is characterized in telling a story in which the facts that are told are not real, relying on characters or situations created and invented, in order to convey our message.


Mostly it is used for those brands with many years in the market, commonly resort to this technique to review their history and connect with the audience through feelings such as nostalgia or emotion that can cause the well-known product or service.

Real situations

For many this is one of

the most common and the most used ones, because associating a daily situation with

a commercial or advertising spot, will cause the

consumers feel as reflected that they live the moment as the

protagonists of the story.

Now, achieving a connection with the consumer through digital marketing, leads us to a very important point: Engament What is this term and why is it so important?

Engagement in digital marketing

This is one of the most

loved and sounded by marketing lovers

, as this is the result of linking analyses with the

people, in short, the interaction that the user-brand manages to have in

their social networks, managing to have

a solid and lasting relationship, through the accounting of the

participation with users.

Finally, engagement is one of the most important tools to reach your audience, because if you do not manage to establish loyalty with your audience, the work will be lost.

Organic reach for good digital marketing

It also happens with the organic scope, because these two points go hand in hand like cookies and chocolate, like marshmallows and fire, and like you and me reading this post (okay, we go out of cheesy) but, the point is that to achieve this point fully, you must reach your target audience without the need to pay for advertising or for some other middleman.

How can I achieve an Organic Reach?

Content creation includes

various factors such as text, image or video, allowing in this way

a number of user interactions that will show that the scope

with publications can go up or even down.

Sometimes a lot of importance has been taken on the algorithm changes over time, however, this digital marketing tool will allow you to stay longer in the user's priority margin.

Feedback among your audience is the best technique for digital marketing

As we have already mentioned, the reception of users is important, but above all, feedback of opinions. Having just a plan to execute your knowledge doesn't do much when your users want to read other information that you don't share. That is why, listening to the needs of your consumers in need to create feedback, also allows to improve the quality of service and finally to have a greater acceptance with the public.

Personal branding, your hallmark in digital marketing

Personal branding or brand

personal, translates to the management of a person's own image, is

say, of a brand. Some people often link you to your presentation or a

logo, but, this theme goes much further; branding

is the letter of values, the way of thinking and among the most important, what

differentiates this individual, making it unique.

The creation of a personal branding will allow us to stay in our goal without blurring our goals to finally lead the market in which we want to play.

Real influencer, not a famous who only sells for advertising

In the world there is a variety

of characters that fall into this category, from journalists to coachers,

from actors to bloggers and a host of people who contribute to society, the

point is (vague rebundance) to be an influence on your community so that that

sector can faithfully believe in the opinions of the so acclaimed influencer.

The reach of these also called public figures, usually use their popularity to sell and have alliances with big brands but hey! If you are from a person looking to create agreements with these people, look at how do you sell it? What does it represent for the community? and very important What benefits can it bring to the public associating the brand with the influencer chosen?

SEO, your best friend in digital marketing

This is known as search engine optimization, which in Spanish means search engine optimization. The SEO tool takes care of organic search engines, that is, those that are not paid. The purpose of this method is to increase the visibility and relevance of the content of your page in different search engines, such as Google, for example.

The implementation of SEO, help your page come out among the first search options, to position it and finally, get profit through these visits.

However, to achieve a higher percentage of search engine optimization or SEO, it is necessary to point out what will help you position yourself as internal and external links, images and keywords.

Keywords improve your digital marketing to other levels

Just as his name it

indicates, are the keywords (or

) of all the content written, these are responsible for describing

concrete way what you offer in it, whether for content, for a blog or

for powerful marketing.

If there are any digital marketing terms you would like

be present in this post, let us know with a comment in the

and if you still have more doubts about this world, contact our team

from BG Creatives to let the best take care of your accounts.

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