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Find out why a videomarketing campaign will make your brand stand out from the rest. A new item was added to the list of universal truths: we all love videos. And when these things happen, the best thing we can do is turn it into an opportunity and make the most of it. On Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and any social network we receive daily several videos that promote a brand. And even if it seemed casual, it really isn't, or at least it shouldn't. That 30-second audio-visual is part of a well-articulated video marketing campaign by each brand, to position itself in your mind, and convince you to consume it. Did it happen to you that after watching a video it provokes you to buy? If the answer is yes, we'll explain why this happens. On the contrary, if you want to cause that effect to your potential customers, we'll also explain how to do it. All that and more below... In concrete words What is a videomarketing campaign? Once upon a time, a character called content, who fell in love with someone called video; they decided to start a love story, and so they lived happily ever after; and they made all those who included it in their marketing campaign successful. In less poetic words. We can tell you that videomarketing is a technique that has been implemented for some years, and that basically merges creative and original content, with audiovisual productions, to promote a brand. It's one of today's content manager's favorites, because many studios have proven the enormous power that videos have to fall in love with people and convert them. But what if we tell you that video marketing is much more than just a technique? It is indeed. Although it is part of a digital marketing strategy, it is imperative that it be considered and planned on an individual basis, in order to achieve 100% compliance with its effects. In fact, we are already talking about separate videomarketing campaigns, for this is enough and more than enough. Reasons that support a videomarketing campaign Besides that the videos are great, very explanatory, move emotions, come to more than one sense and allow you to use many additional resources, they have a number of advantages if used intelligently, with content planned and produced with a specific goal. Some of them are: Engagement through the sky: if you use social networks frequently, you should have noticed that the videos generate more comments, likes and in general interactions on the part of users, and this helps to give relevance to a social network or a website. Viralizes brands: if the brands had a genius that gave him three wishes, being viral would certainly be the first of them. Becoming viral online in addition to millionaire, exposes you to an almost unimaginable number of people, makes you the new fashion, and this is easier to achieve with a video that has valuable content, that is, with the videomarketing. The conversion rate increases: the conversion occurs when the potential customer ceases to be, and becomes an effective customer, buying our product or service. If you have a brand you must know. To achieve this conversion, it takes a lot of effort, intelligence and cunning and Guess what technique these three factors have? Reinforce branding of your brand: audiovisual is an ideal tool to make your corporate image solid, whether on the internet or on any other platform. But this happens in a special way, if you add content that is planned and well thought out by a content manager. These are the reasons that support videomarketing campaigns from a technical point of view, but speaking of numbers we can tell you that: Human beings are complex and that is why selling us is not easy. But one thing that has been shown is that we have the ability to remember 50% of the things we see, consciously or unconsciously. This includes the videos, therefore audiovisual productions with content are ideal for remembrance. 70% of the world's people are visual. And precisely this is one of the advantages that videos have over other communication tools. The image. 80% of users browsing the internet ensure that after viewing the video of a product, they bought it or intended to do so. This is related to what we told you before the conversion. Steps to conduct an effective video marketing campaign What promised is debt! We'll briefly explain how to conduct a videomarketing campaign that meets the goals you expect. But be careful, we must warn you that this information needs to be deepened. You can do this by looking for help from an expert or by researching a little more. Whatever decision you make, we start with step by step. Define your goals To get started you have to ask yourself the following question What do I want to achieve with this videomarketing campaign? And after you answer it, write it down; those will be you who are in the strategy. This is very important, because if you know where you want to go, you can take the necessary actions to achieve it. Know and determine your target audience This step will depend on the success of your videomarketing campaign. If you know who you're going to talk to, you can use the colors, language, images, words, sounds and everything you need to convince the people you choose. Be specific and target your audience well, so that it can feel identified. Now, if you get past that audience and reach out to a lot more people, you passed the test with honors. Choose the media The first thing that comes to mind is social networks, because this is vital for any brand, and they really are very effective platforms for a videomarketing campaign. But it may happen that your business model needs a different medium, such as television, for example. Think carefully, and make a decision about it, so that the audiovisual products you produce in your videomarketing campaign are effective and reach their destination: your audience. Make the screenplay and make a good pre-production As we are talking about videos, we must respect each stage of audiovisual production, and that includes pre-production. Taking into account the needs of your audience, their tastes, your goals, the media and everything we've already told you, create a screenplay with original content, valuable and striking, that captures the attention of anyone who listens to it or sees it. And after you have the script, it will be time for you to make sure of the details, locations, recordings, resources, technical needs, shooting plan and all the details that are taken into account during the pre-production process. Produce and have fun Making videos with content is super fun for those who are aware of the power they have, or just for the creative, like us. In this phase, you must record and run everything you planned in the previous phase. Editing and broadcasting Logically after production comes the post-production, by the hand of an editor that supports you with the effects and all the final details to make an unforgettable and successful video. Having it in your possession, it will be time to publish it by the media that you previously had with your content team. Measure the effectiveness and power the strengths The final touch for an effective video marketing campaign is to measure with statistics the success of each audiovisual you perform. So you can be more sure of what your audience likes, and you can repeat or improve it. Taking the pulse is necessary; never forget to do it. It will set the tone for the future. Making a videomarketing campaign seemed complex, but it really isn't. By correctly developing each of the steps that we have already told you and supporting you in a talented team, you can take your brand to another level using content and audiovisual as your ace up your sleeve. Are you ready to start? The videomarketing is waiting for you. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary assistance.

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