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5 social media administrators that will make your life much easier by scheduling posts. Influence on social networks has become a necessity to achieve success today. Publishing takes time. From the design of the image or the video, to the writing of the accompanying text, it is a thorough work that can become a headache if you do not have the necessary time and knowledge. But all that is a matter of the past, because it is enough with the help of a specialist and good social media managers, to program publications and generally have an excellent digital marketing strategy. What are social media administrators for? Today time is golden, and that's why certain platforms were created on the web, that allow you to schedule posts on your social networks, without you having to do it one by one from your mobile device. What do you do with this? First, make much better use of your time in other things that increase your productivity. Second, it allows you to plan your content and have an overview of your strategy on social networks, and last but not least, you can track all your networks on a single platform, without having to log in to each of your accounts in isolation. In short, you save time, megas and decrease your margin of error. From your personal account to that of your company and even that of your customers, you can raise its level to 100% using any of the social network administrators that we will present to you below: “Postealo.io” specialized Instagram administrator As it was from expected, social media administrators have been designed with greater affinity for certain platforms. This is the case of postéalo.io, which will take your Instagram account to the highest level, with all the benefits it offers, including programming images and videos in post, stories and albums, being the only network manager with which you can do so. You can also publish the same content to all accounts you have associated with, as it gives you the option to manage multiple profiles according to the plan you select. Respond from your computer and programmatically to comments from private images and messages, with auto like and self comment. Follow and stop following people without you doing it manually with the help of their auto follow and auto unfollow modules. You will be able to refuel, choosing criteria and scheduling periodicity. You'll have your password followed, and your files can be uploaded from Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and from your PC. Simply put, you'll intelligently manage Instagram accounts in your possession, seamlessly attaching them to your digital marketing plan. Hootsuite: the first social network administrator When social networks began to dominate the world a few years ago, this application came out to program publications only on the network that boom the most at the time: Twitter. One of the advantages it had at the time as expected was the novelty, but then they saw the need to gradually incorporate the rest of the social networks, which were launched and that exceeded in popularity to what was their specialty. This is how today you have the option to program for Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, FourSquare, MySpace and Wordpress, leaving out the empire of the multicolor square, Instagram. Postcron serves to schedule posts on Twitter Another of the social media administrators specialized in the 280-character platform, is the so-called Postcron, which also includes other networks, but without doubt, its value proposition is focused on the possibility of uploading and programming mass content from a document in Excel, without mention that it allows you to protect your images through a watermark that you can choose. Just as this programmer looks interesting, we must warn you that with it you will not be able to publish videos on Instagram, but don't worry, you'll have other options that can help you tremendously with your digital marketing plan. Only pult program publications on Instagram This programmer like postealo.io is specialized in Instagram, but with the difference that the videos are not programmable. Far from that, it allows you to see a preview of the publication, it gives you the associated account statistics, it tells you the size that the image should have if it is for a publication or story, and last but not least, it gives you the possibility to answer your messages and comments one by one through its platform. This application is the one that has the longest time on the market if we talk about Instagram specialists, however, new platforms are coming out and are making it more complex the market in which they find themselves. Socialgest as a multi-account manager Social networks are many and when it comes to variety and multi accounts, socialgest is a good alternative. Although its cost may be slightly higher than average, on this platform you can manage Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and several accounts at once. Video programming is not within its greatest strengths, but what it gives you is an overview of each account you have associated with, through different dashboards that you can enable in the Home section. Social networks are part of our daily lives, and they have become even a source of work and livelihood for millions who monetize through their profiles or for those who manage accounts professionally. Creating content, scheduling posts, and interacting with followers will be much easier and faster than you imagine with any of these social media administrators. If you need information or advice to intelligently manage a social network, our team is at your disposal to support and accompany you on the road to success. Have you incorporated any of them into your plan yet? We invite you to do it!

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