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What does e-commerce mean to you and how will it benefit your company?. Have you ever imagined what the shops and businesses of the future would look like? Surely they passed through your mind super interesting ideas such as holograms, telepathic communication and that kind of technologies that exist and that have even been exceeded, or failing that they are in the process of be a reality, but it turns out that for a long time there is a market, a way of doing business and having a huge, successful store, and best of all, according to technological progress. It is about e-commerce; a form of e-commerce, which is revolutionizing the business environment, and bringing success to those who implement it properly. Right now you'll find out what e-commerce means to you. Data supporting e-commerce More than 51 million people worldwide browse the Internet daily. This represents more than 40 per cent of the world's population gathered in one place, interconnected, and in sufficient time to buy and consume products and services offered there. This makes the web a huge and global market, in which different companies can sell and even buy. The truth of all is that the future goes straight to this kind of trade, and you, entrepreneur, entrepreneur, business member, should join this great wave, so that you can stay in time and achieve financial success with sales anywhere in the world. In Latin America, e-commerce has had such a huge success in 2017, that closing the year, many studies concluded that the business carried out had been 69% of this type, not to mention, that in countries like Venezuela, the figure had been 75% in total. And this is just the beginning of a trend that came to stay... Some examples of successful e-commerce in the world If you are still not convinced of what e-commerce means to you and your business, we will show you what it has meant to others, that is, success and economic development in its fullest expression. This is how we found Amazon, which already billed more than $74 billion by 2014 and today bills many more, thanks to the use and use of e-commerce, better known as e-commerce. Similarly there is eBay, takeoff.com, falabella trips, and many more examples of business organizations that understood the sea of opportunities represented by the Internet, and not only launched themselves to it, but also triumphed doing so. How to create an e-commerce? This is perhaps the crucial question in the article, because it is not enough to know how successful this method is, but even more important, to know how to put it into practice. The first thing we are going to recommend is that you seek help from specialists in the area, because despite the tendency of the web is to simplify everything, there are certain things that for them to have the desired effect, must be guided by a connoisseur in the area that really supports in this process. That said, we will list some of the steps you need to take when creating your own e-commerce. Decide and set up your product or service, as this will help you sell it better and focus on highlighting it in such a way that the consumer cannot refuse to buy it. You have solid the image of your company, that is, the colors, icons, and all the graphs that transmit your business culture, values and identity, and then that's where the best part of this process will begin to succeed. Create your website. In order for you to be visible in the huge market we already describe, you must necessarily transmit that image to the digital world, and what better way to do it than with the help of a web portal, designed by experts, and based on the image of your company. Build a marketing and communications plan that promotes your product or service and allows it to sell itself. This step can be considered the second most important step, because you have no website, but no one should visit it. It's the equivalent to a physical store which is not available to consumers. What e-commerce means: visibility How to achieve that visibility? It is there that videos, social networks, SEO, SEM and all online marketing strategies play the leading role, publicizing your product or service, and more importantly, your brand. It is thanks to these strategies that you will be able to connect with your customers and make them have a complete experience that links them emotionally to your business. What does all this translate into? Sales, money, success. E-commerce is a way to internationalize your business, increase sales and have a presence in the most important market in the world: the web. If all this seems like a dream for you, for we have good news for you; it is possible and it is happening to many who like you once dreamed and today are enjoying the fruits of their investment and work. Now that you know what e-commerce means, we only have to say that it is a process in which we can and would like to accompany you. Do you take the challenge?

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