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Why is it important to know web metrics?. One of the fundamental premises for decision-making is the knowledge of all variables around a situation. The same applies to the management of your brand, as you need to know the web metrics that will provide data to guide your business strategy. Just like the manager of a team must know the playing field, the climate of that city and the historical record of its opponent; with the aim of developing its game strategy, as well as the Companies are obliged to know all the web metrics that provide them with valuable information, in view of their marketing plan. Walking blind, guided only by our perception of the things around us, can result in a very costly and unintelligent mistake for our organization. Currently the metrics for a web offer a very varied and detailed information about the behavior of our target audience. What we believe is not always what web metrics say The truth is that, beyond our prejudices, system of values and the “good wishes” that we have in front of a new project; the wonderful thing about the world 2 .0 is that it allows us to quantify all the variables that are involved in your field. Based on this premise and with the necessary tools, we can understand the behavior of the consumer, taking into account their geographical location, age, type of device from which you access the information, connection time and until you infer their tastes and hobbies. You will be amazed to know that many of the things we take for granted, perhaps they are not; that perhaps the time we spend connecting to a particular social network is not as much as we think or perhaps much more. This is exactly where web metrics come into play, to give you a precise and objective view of the terrain you're stepping on. A study carried out by the IAB Spain (Association of Advertising, Marketing and Digital Communication in Spain) in 2017 compared the time users claimed to be connected, versus the statistics that yielded web metrics. While respondents reported daily access to 4.3 networks, the metrics showed 4.8 platforms. For example, although it did not spontaneously declare itself, Whatsapp is the second most used social network by Spaniards, only surpassed by the giant Facebook. There are also networks that are said to be widely used, however, web metrics say otherwise; this is the case with Google+and Telegram, which are not as used as perceived. Web metrics provide us with more accurate and reliable information In the past, marketing experts had to conduct constant and costly surveys to know the individual buyer of your product, that is, the profile of that potential customer. Teams of people were deployed home-to-home or in Commercial Centre to interview consumers, however, often these interviewees were not entirely honest or the study sample showed a very high error rate. This has changed considerably in recent years, thanks to platforms such as Google Analtytics and Amazon Analtytics in the Web case, as well as Facebook Insights, Youtube Analtytics, Metricool and Instagram Analtytics; among other platforms that allow us to have a clear picture of what our consumers are doing. We are in the world of Big Data, an “Orwellian” society where that “Big Brother” called the Internet, knows everything. In this sense, a good brand strategist is the one who can take all these resources and use them as chess pieces to draw up his plan of action and transform these web metrics, in cash and sound for your business. Some examples of web metrics Following IAB's research, it produced interesting results on how Iberians consume the Internet and social networks. Persons of both sexes between the ages of 16 and 65 were consulted through a online and contrasted interview with the information provided by web metrics. From 2009 to 2011, Spanish society experienced a dizzying rise in the penetration of the Internet and social networks, but from 2012 to date, growth has stabilized at a rate of 6% per year to reach 86%. Of 100 per cent of the population surveyed, 82 per cent indicated that they were Internet users. However, of the total of this sample which claims to be an Internet user, 86% also claim to be connected to social networks. Some interesting facts can be found from this information: The largest concentration of social media users is between the ages of 31 and 45, with no greater difference between men and women. On the other hand, the Spanish population that does not use social networks has these characteristics: Firstly, there is a percentage increase in men with 62% compared to women, while the highest ethnicity concentration is between 45 and 65 years, which means that the adult population tends to use these platforms less. Interesting facts of Instagram in Latin America For no one is a secret the penetration and exponential growth that has had this social network, which is part of the ecosystem of the almighty Mark Zuckerberg. Latin America is not exempt from this: Mexico (16 million), Argentina (11 million) and Colombia (9.2 million) lead the region in terms of the number of users. In the case of Venezuela, the register is 5.2 million persons, 58 per cent of whom are women. As you can see from the graph, in all countries women outnumber men, except in Guatemala (1.4 million), where the knights take a slight advantage of 10,000 records compared to the ladies. This data is derived from a study carried out by the Latamclick portal, in which they claim that Latin America has 60 million Instagramers, of which 28 million are men and 32 million women. This is just a token of the power of web metrics for decision-making: it is the “holy grail” of marketing and an unthinkable tool 20 years ago. Like all innovation processes, it is time to get on this train and take full advantage of its potential to grow at the pace of new times, otherwise we are doomed to obsolescence and, in the worst case: extinction. Want to know and increase your web metrics to reach more potential customers? contact the Creative BG team and we will be your allies in consolidating your path to the success of your company or business.

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